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Embracing the Future: Remote Online Notarisation

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, traditional methods of notarisation are evolving to meet the demands of an increasingly interconnected society. One of the most significant advancements in this space is the emergence of remote online notarisation (RON), which allows individuals to get documents notarised from the comfort of their own homes using video conferencing tools like Zoom or Teams. This innovative approach to notarisation offers numerous benefits, from enhanced convenience to expanded accessibility, while maintaining the highest standards of security and legality.


Understanding Remote Online Notarisation (RON)


Remote online notarisation involves the completion of notarial acts through electronic means, with the signer and the notary public connecting via video conference instead of meeting in person. This process enables individuals to get documents notarised without the need for physical proximity, making it especially convenient for those who are unable to visit a traditional notary office due to distance, mobility issues, or other constraints. The notary would supervise the process using an approved platform called Notary Sign within the Docusign application. The process does require the client to be reasonably “tech savvy” and confident to use video conferencing and an electronic signature.


The Legal Framework


In the UK, remote online notarisation is governed by a robust legal framework designed to ensure the security and validity of electronic transactions. While specific regulations may vary depending on jurisdiction, governing bodies such as the Faculty Office and the Notaries Society have issued  guidance and standards for notaries conducting RON.


How Remote Online Notarisation Works


The process of remote online notarisation typically begins with scheduling an appointment with a qualified notary public who offers RON services. Prior to the appointment, the signer must verify their identity and provide any necessary documentation electronically. During the video conference session, the notary verifies the signer’s identity, witnesses the signing of the document, and (on the call or subsequently) applies their electronic seal and signature as required by law. The client would apply his or her electronic signature; the notary would apply his or her QUALIFIED electronic signature (QES) which carries with it a higher level of verification and authentication.  Using such QES the notary can (if necessary) apply to the Foreign Office for the document to be legalised with an electronic apostille (or e-apostille).

Benefits of Remote Online Notarisation


The benefits of remote online notarisation are manifold. For clients, RON offers unparalleled convenience, allowing them to complete notarial acts from anywhere with an internet connection, provided that they are located in England & Wales. This accessibility is particularly advantageous for individuals residing in rural areas or those with limited mobility. Additionally, RON eliminates the need for travel and reduces paperwork, saving time and resources for both clients and notaries.


Security Measures


Despite the virtual nature of remote online notarisation, stringent security measures are in place to safeguard the integrity of the process. Video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Teams utilise encryption and authentication protocols to ensure the confidentiality of documents and transactions. Notaries also adhere to strict verification procedures to confirm the identity of signers and prevent fraud or impersonation.


Legal Validity


Notarised documents completed through remote online notarisation are legally valid and enforceable, provided they comply with relevant laws and regulations and are accepted by the party in the receiving jurisdiction. While acceptance may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the specific requirements of the document, RON has gained widespread recognition and acceptance in many legal contexts, including real estate transactions, estate planning, and business agreements.




Remote online notarisation represents a significant advancement in the field of notarial services, offering a modern and efficient alternative to traditional notarisation methods. By making use of  video conferencing tools, individuals can access notarial services with unprecedented ease and convenience, without compromising on security or legality. As the legal landscape continues to evolve in response to technological innovation, remote online notarisation is poised to play an increasingly important role in facilitating electronic transactions and meeting the needs of a digital society.


Whether you’re a busy professional seeking to streamline your document signing process or an individual in need of notarial services from a distance, remote online notarisation offers a solution that is both convenient and reliable. Embrace the future of notarisation with RON and experience the convenience and peace of mind it provides.

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